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Process savings for your industrial application

Our products are designed to help you gain long-term process savings and develop sustainable business. The innovative technologies we have engineered have helped advance the use of vacuum for industrial applications, lowering capital costs, improving operating efficiency and reducing impact on the environment.

Innovative products for a changing industry

Our vacuum pumps equipped with Variable Speed Drives (VSD) are an example of our market-leading innovations. Engineered to operate on an as-needed basis, Edwards VSD pumps integrate energy and process efficiency into your manufacturing process. In turn this helps improve operating efficiency, reduce frequent maintenance and leads to cost savings by extending the life of your capital investment. This is optimised performance with long-term sustainability.

If you are unsure of the right pump for your intended process, please contact your local Edwards office. Our application experts will be happy to help you choose the right vacuum solution for your particular need.

Our knowledge & insight

EOSi Screw Vacuum Pump at Floren Brick Manufacturer
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