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Edwards applications and derivatives team

When an off the shelf pump will not meet your requirements for space or performance, our Applications and Derivatives team will develop a bespoke vacuum solution, and turn the proposed modeled system into reality. At Edwards a partnership approach is taken at each step, helping you to achieve the most appropriate solution to deliver reduced power consumption or increased gas throughput.

STEP 1: Define the system with unknowns

You provide us with your vacuum system requirements.

STEP 2: A TransCalc HSM Model is built

Your vacuum expert will produce models of solutions that match your requirements.

STEP 3: The simulation is run and will provide the modelling data in a concise format

You can then decide which solution best satisfies the priorities of your application.

Edwards applications and derivatives team

Edwards Applications and Derivatives Team have the vacuum expertise and application Know-how to ensure you have the right solution

nXDS Dry Scroll Pumps nEXT Turbomolecular Pumps TiTan Ion Getter Pumps (IGPs)
nXDS range of scroll pumps are the best performing pumps in their class, combining low power consumption and reduced noise with pumping speeds from 6 to 22 m3h-1 nEXT turbomolecular pumps combine a consistent performance, reliability and end user serviceability, with 85, 240, 300 and 400 l/s pumping speeds IGPs are capture pumps which operate from 10-5 to 10-12 mbar and range in size from 0.2 to 1200 l/s pumping speeds (N2)
XDS Dry Scroll Pumps nEXT Split Flow Titanium Sublimation Pumps (TSPs)
XDS high capacity scroll pumps provide a robust dry vacuum solution across a range of applications, delivering pumping speeds of 35 or 40 m3h-1 Custom build and off the shelf split flow pumps feature multiple inlets to deliver high performance? TSPs remove reactive gases from the vacuum environment for rapid pump down.? All components are backable to 400 oC, and operate from 10-5 to 10-12 mbar with pumping speeds of up to 10000 l/s (H2)
RV and EM Rotary Vane Pumps STP Maglev Turbomolecular Pumps Non-Evaporable Getter Pumps
Oil sealed rotary vane pumps deliver excellent ultimate vacuum pressure, quiet operation and provide pumping speeds ranging from 0.7 to 38 m3h-1 STP magnetically levitated turbomolecular pumps use non-contacting magnetic bearings to achieve low vibration, reduced maintenance and deliver a reliable performance with pumping speeds from 300 to 4300 l/s NEGs are ideal for pump down, stay down applications and have a typical range of 50 to 400 l/s, NEG cartridges further extend the range of UHV products
XDD1 Diaphragm Pump ? DIGITEL Controllers
Providing 1.2 m3h-1 pumping speed the XDD1 pump is the ideal small dry solution for backing a turbomolecular pump ? Flexible and configurable, DIGITEL controllers offer the right balance of performance, power and protection, and are suitable across the UHV range
Measurement and Control
Our broad range of gauges and controller cover press ranging from 2000 to 10-13 mbar, with models designed to meet the widest user specification, be it simple dial or an advanced microprocessor gauge
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