Diversity and inclusion at Edwards

Committed to diversity

Our commitment to diversity


We believe that diversity inspires innovation and helps us understand our customers’ needs. We are committed to promoting equal opportunity in our hiring and promotion processes and conduct a wide range of efforts to attract a diverse workforce, like sales leadership programs focused on gender diversity. We take a firm stance on discrimination and have policies and processes in place to hinder sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination. We are a global company and our workforce is reflective of this.

We are on a mission to make Edwards Vacuum the most inclusive environment to work and innovate. Check here what the Semiconductor Chamber Solutions division leadership team has to say about it.

Diversity and inclusion, which are the real basis of innovation, must remain at the heart of what we do to keep us first in mind and first in choice with our customers

Geert Follens , President Vacuum Technique Business Area

Gender equality

We are making steady progress in all aspects of diversity across all levels of the organisation, and are aiming for 30% of our employees to be female by 2030.

We are continuing to promote positive awareness through our work with local academia, to encourage aspiring female engineers to consider an exciting career path with us.

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